Do Four Things:

A simple book, simple steps, helping you to start

racial healing

We're stuck! (And, every single day we hesitate hurts people.)

The book, Do Four Things, gives you positive starting steps toward racial healing.

"I don't know where to start for a solution!" (You're not alone.)

Can we begin to solve our nation's racial problems?

Most certainly, YES! But, not when we're stuck. Get unstuck.

Work toward good change now. Our kids and family will thank us.

Tomorrow starts today!


We've seen and heard it all by now!

Meaningless deaths, protests, and riots.

Horrible policies, hurtful responses.


"What am I to do?"       "I'm not a radical."


"Where do I start?"

We have a serious solution problem.

We can start our own worthy solutions. Read. Act. Move forward.


Lee Aigue's 30+ years of social activism informs his book (Do Four Things) that provides you with healthy, constructive, starting actions.

Use Lee Aigue's Life Experience

After working with a (mostly white) reading group Lee discovered that most participants wanted change, wanted equity, wanted peace, but had NO idea where to start.


Most people want to help! Most people are willing to change.

Do you feel surrounded (overwhelmed) by advice, warnings, proposals, tips, suggestions, advice, prompts, guides?


"Being stuck or frozen makes me feel crappy."

Step, then, in a positive direction toward first positive steps of actual change—for you! For our nation.

We ALL understand how seeing obvious problems with no obvious solution leaves us feeling stuck.


Use Lee Aigue's brief, thoughtful book, Do Four Things, to move beyond being stuck. Four simple steps toward a more just society. Start problem solving and healing today!

Does the book help?

"Brevity. As it should be. This brief book inspires action."
-Reader, Portland, Oregon
". . . simple but meaningful steps, if you're uncertain."
-Reader, OKC, Oklahoma
"Gives good suggestions for how to help."
-Reader, Boise, Idaho
"The chapters are direct and honest."
-Reader, Portland, Oregon

Ways To Start

 Choose to build on positive changes.

Get unstuck.

Avoid past mistakes.


Become part of the growing solution, not part of our ongoing problem.

Do Four Things

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Yes, I want to do four simple steps!

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